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Monument To Our Veterans

Just a portion of the base for the monument has been laid at the Clinton Cemetery. Yet Chell Rossi is convinced she can already feel the emotion…

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Amber’s Last Journey

Colorful balloons, usual a cheerful staple at a preschooler’s party, bobbed forlornly against a bleak winter sky at a gravesite in Holmesville…

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Donors Paying For Girl’s Grave

The very smile that captured the hearts and consciences of countless Akron-area residents will grace a memorial marker being designed for Amber Gordon…

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Requiem For Rocco

MEDINA- The Medina County sheriff’s staff will have a memorial service to 2:30 p.m. Sunday to honor one of their K-9 members who passes away last week…

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Foot Soldiers To Be Honored

For Ray Bethel, the memories of being a foot soldier in Korea fade in time. That’s why the poem he wrote is so important…

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Akron School Pays Tribute To Student

Akron’s Hatton Elementary School meant a lot to 10-year-old Sammy Cullen…

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Parents Prayers Answered By Gravestone For Little Keith

By modern standards, it wasn’t much of a life. The average life expectancy for an American male is 74, Keith William Watson III died at 58 days…

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Memorial Honors Former Coach

Babe Flossie is a legend at Garfield High, and his family and the community made sure his legacy lives on…

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