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To avoid confusion, you should know that “memorials” is the general term for all various types of stones and plaques used to mark a gravesite. There are four styles of memorials.

  • Grass markers are flush with the ground and are usually 20″ to 48″.

  • Bevel markers are similar to grass markers but the top is slanted from back to front and it protrudes slightly above the ground.

  • Slant markers are larger in height than a bevel marker and have an angled face. They may be set on a granite base or directly on a concrete foundation.

  • Upright monuments have two parts- the upright top part is called a tablet or die and the bottom piece is the base.

Our standard pricing includes…

  • Lettering or design work on the backside of slant or upright monuments

  • Hand-carved (also called shaped carvings) flowers and designs as well as photo etchings done by hand or using a laser are an extra charge

  • Inlay printed images

Additional charges may apply for the following…

  • Engraving and lettering on the front side of the memorial

  • Frosted lettering or designs

  • Flat carved designs (such as a cross, logo, etc…)

  • An additional name

Our quotes will include an itemized listing of any additional charges. If you have any questions concerning a quoted price please contact us at (330) 773-2385

Yes. Most cemeteries allow a photograph to be etching directly on the memorial. Some cemeteries allow a black granite insert or a colored ceramic photo insert on a memorial. Many families like to put a special photo such as a wedding or anniversary photo on their memorial. It is best to consult Summit Memorials regarding the policies of your particular cemetery for policies on photographs on your memorial.

July, 2001 Volume 58, No. 7

Granite as a monumental stone

The U.S. Bureau of Mines does not classify all granites suitable for monumental stone. According to the Bureau’s standards for class 1 granites, they must:

  • Meet exacting requirements, such as uniform texture and color

  • Freedom from flaws

  • Suitable for polishing and carving

  • Resistance to weathering.

In a test completed on all recognized monumental grade granites by the U.S. Bureau of Mines, they stated the following… “Many trade names are applied to memorial stones and prospective users may raise questions as to whether these names, varieties, or types are superior to others. The Bureau of Mines has no data indicating that any of them are more enduring. In fact, all of the monumental granites produced by reputable firms in the well known regions last so long with little visible change that the factor of endurance should scarcely be given consideration in making a choice. Selection may therefore be made on the basis of color, texture, design, and workmanship that suit individual taste.”

The cemetery that you decide upon will determine the type of memorial allowed. Each cemetery determines their own rules as to the type of memorials that they allow on their property. Summit Memorials works with all of the cemeteries in Northeast Ohio and can help you pick a memorial according to their rules.

Please contact us for additional information concerning the types of memorials allowed at your cemetery.

(330) 773-2385

There are many factors in play when it comes to determining the price of a memorial. The prices can range from a few hundred dollars for flat memorials to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a mausoleum. Memorial prices are based on the following factors…

– Type of memorial

– Material used

– Size of the memorial

– Design of the memorial

Summit Memorials will work with you and your budget to provide the best memorial possible. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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We typically ask for all monuments to be paid for in advance. All of our monuments are custom made and cannot be re-used. However, we understand that not everyone can afford the memorial that they want all at once. We will work with you on financing the memorial that you want on a case by case basis.

For those that need help paying for a memorial for a child, please visit Memorials For Angels.

You can place any information that you want on a memorial, including name, birth date, date of death, hometown, Bible verse, etc…

You can also include photos and images.

If you need help designing a memorial, we have staff on call to sit with you and help design your memorial.

Monuments can become dirty or stained by air pollution, hard irrigation water, tree sap, birds or any number of other sources. Properly cleaned, a monument will be truly a fine piece of memorial art.

Some tips on cleaning a monument:

• Use lots of clean water. It may take as much as 20 gallons to clean an average monument.
• Do not use a pressure washer.
• Do not use any soap or other chemicals.
• Get the monument thoroughly wet before cleaning.
• Use a fiber or nylon brush, not a wire brush.
• Start cleaning at the bottom with just water and elbow grease and work your way up to the top.
• Rinse thoroughly with more clean water.
• Do not let the monument dry until you are finished rinsing.
• Some monuments will require more than one cleaning depending on how stained or dirty it is.

If you need additional help cleaning your monument, contact Ken Noon at (330) 773-2385

Yes. We encourage individuals to purchase their memorial in advance. This saves your family from making difficult decisions during difficult times. It also ensures that your wishes are met by yourself. Summit Memorials can design your memorial now, manufacture most of it, and then engrave names and dates as needed, on-site.

Being a member of The Monument Builders Of North America means that we must conduct business based on a model of behavior and quality as determined by a nation wide governing body of monument builders. Every member of the MBNA are required to uphold the highest standards of quality, compassion and ethics. We are proud to be a member.

Click here for a copy of the contract that we are required to sign as a member.

No, this is not legal. No cemetery or funeral home can demand that you purchase a memorial from them. Many of them will try to talk you into purchasing a memorial from them, or their own vendor, but by law, they can not demand it. You are free to choose your own monument builder.

Many of them will claim that that the monument is not guaranteed if you do not purchase it from them. This is not true. The guarantee is provided by the monument builder, not the cemetery.

If you have any problems with a cemetery or funeral home concerning your monument builder, please let us know. We will contact them on your behalf and resolve the issue.

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